The iCARE platform

September 12, 2009

I red this morning the new edition of Pharmaceutical Marketing Europe and specially the article “Inform or influence – Fear of pharma bias may restrict doctor’s access to essential continuing medical education” from Eugene Pozniak (managing director of Siyemi earning and programme director of the European CME Forum).
I really think there is a similar problem with patients information and education. In a lot of European countries, Direct To Patient information is proscribed for non OTC product which is problematic for pharmaceutical companies.
In the mean time, patients do not have confidence with information coming directly from pharma.
I believe that a new way is coming in Healthcare sector.
Patient have to become centric and need to be considered as the key factor for all actors (Pharma industry, physicians, hospital, public authority). There is a need for a new healthcare model where all actors will communicate and exchange informations about the patient in his environment with a great mutual respect.
In April, I though about a new project which is currently in development in my company: The iCARE platform.
I can summarize this platform as a global communication iPlatform for public, patients, caregivers, physicians and pharmaceutical companies based on education, collaboration and mutual recognition.

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