Health 2.0 – Status and trends – Growing popularity

November 5, 2009


Olivier LAURENT - CEO Coligane group

The popularity of health 2.0 wherein the user generates information with the use of blogs and various other editing tools has increased. More and more number of healthcare professionals, chronic disease sufferers, caregivers and other general users are getting involved in this virtual healthcare field.1, 2 An increase in the use of computers and easy and free access to internet has been the major promoting factor. Further, most of the health related information is also available freely. The ease of use of certain websites can help the individual search certain specific aspects or obtain information concerning a specific disorder without waiting in long queues or paying hefty consultation fees.

Healthcare providers consider it to be an integrative tool that helps them to contact and inform the patients about their disorders and treatment. It also helps them to monitor the health and progress of a disorder or treatment outcomes. Several healthcare providers are using internet as an education media wherein they publish articles of their specialty to educate the users and patients about the common features and treatments.

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