Health 2.0 – Status and trends – Future trends and concerns

November 8, 2009


Olivier LAURENT - CEO Coligane group

The rapid increase in the popularity of health 2.0 has attracted a number of players into the virtual world. Patients, health care providers (from all fields), medical institutions (including hospitals and other healthcare facilities), pharmaceutical industries, government organizations and non-government organizations are all using the web portal to improve the healthcare industry and provide better healthcare to the consumers. The health 2.0 is all set to become a powerful tool for both the consumers and the providers.

The concerns about the authenticity of the data and the role of bias in promoting healthcare products can affect the further growth of health 2.0. Other matters of concern include the privacy of the patient data, excessive promotion of certain drugs, interference with provision of treatment (patients may enter into debate with the choice of treatment) and certain other medico legal concerns.

Health 2.0 should be used to improve the quality of healthcare and bring about awareness about various diseases that can be effectively treated or prevented. It is a very powerful tool that will empower both the patients and the healthcare providers and needs to be used with caution.

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