The Patient Empowered – Overview

November 17, 2009


Olivier LAURENT - CEO at Coligane group


A few decades ago, an individual who was sick could not do much more than speak to his friends over the phone or meet them personally and physically visit a doctor to find out what’s wrong with him. Today, not only can he make his own provisional diagnosis but he also can obtain a doctor’s consultation at the click of a button in the comforts of his home. That’s what technologies such as health 2.0 have done to the today’s patient. It has enabled the patient to obtain a wide variety of services on the health front. It has made the patient powerful; powerful enough to choose the treatment and also choose the healthcare provider. The empowerment of the patients has bridged the long existing gap between the patients and the healthcare providers. The patients are now able to interact with their physicians in a better manner than before. The empowerment of the patients has made doctors and other healthcare providers to be more considerate and responsible while making the diagnosis or planning the treatment strategy. At the same time patients must use this power entrusted in them in a responsible way to improve the health status all over the world.

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