The Patient Empowered – Information retrieval and social networking

November 19, 2009


Olivier LAURENT - CEO at Coligane group

Information retrieval and social networking

The internet is now being used by many individuals for retrieving health information. It has enabled patients with internet access to learn more about their condition by logging on to a wide range of health websites. Most of the hospitals, healthcare institutions and the governments have their own web pages where in information about various disorders are updated on a regular basis. Information is also available in the form of audio/video clippings that explain the health procedures. This helps in increasing the confidence about various procedures as knowing about the procedure tends to reduce the anxiety associated with it.
Several applications such as facebook, eblogger, LinkedIn etc have enabled patients to form a network of individuals with similar disorders or health concerns. The patients are now able to freely discuss most of the subjects that were considered a taboo. Social networking has enabled patients to connect with likeminded individuals and share information about their health and illness. Patients with chronic conditions are now acting as light bearers for the path towards better health. Such patients tend to make the maximum possible utilization of the Health 2.0 applications. Interactive forums are often created by such individuals to encourage discussions about a particular disorder or health in general. The patients can now weigh their options and discuss their concerns with ease.1, 2

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  2. Anderson AS, Klemm P. The Internet: friend or foe when providing patient education? Clin J Oncol Nurs. 2008 Feb; 12(1):55-63.

2 Responses to “The Patient Empowered – Information retrieval and social networking”

  1. DCPatient said

    Olivier, welcome to the world of e-patients. You may be interested in the information and the commentators collected from the FDA and social media hearing last week.

    Be well

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