SWOT Analysis: Social Media for Patients

October 11, 2010

The internet and social media are making a perceptible difference to how patients approach healthcare. Previously, falling ill meant rushing to the doctor and depending upon that one professional for advice and information on disease and its treatment. At the most an aware or dissatisfied patient could seek a second opinion from another healthcare professional. Inter patient interaction was also restricted to family or friends and acquaintances who might suffer from the same disease. However, today when we fall ill, our first stop is not the doctor but the internet. The web provides us with information, support groups and yes even doctors. Get connected and you can not only get a fountain of information on your problems and reach out to fellow sufferers but can even search out medical professionals and facilities. But is the social media really a help and guide this quest? A detailed swot analysis available on Health2Europe.com will help clarify the pros and cons of social media use by patients.


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