Founded by Olivier Laurent, Coligane group acts as a platform which offers consultancy and development services for enterprises.

Our platform brings together an ensemble of expertise conducive to the strategic development of our clients and of their projects.

Our ambition is to count you among the people and businesses who have learned to have confidence in us through the tasks and projects that we have shared , and also to ensure that employees and customers feel heard, understood and respected, as well as create a positive state of mind enabling the realization of something exceptional.

Coligane group centers its consultancy missions, research, development, tools promotion, applications combining web technologies, and the contribution of social networks in intra/extra-enterprise strategies and/or processes.

In addition to consultancy missions, Coligane group is also working and focusing on 2.0 applications with various sectors such as:

• Healthcare sector with a particular focus on Health 2.0 applications
• Clinical research
• The pharmaceutical industry
• Crowdfunding
• Professional services
• Computer
• Service companies

Coligane group is also a platform conducive to the realization of concrete innovative ideas that are part of the entrepreneurial spirit which predominates in the company.

Examples of concepts developed Coligane:

  • global communication iPlatform for public, patients, caregivers, physicians and pharmaceutical companies based on education, collaboration and mutual recognition.
  • advanced iCorePlatform (EDC/EDM) for clinical trial in Phase II, III and IV and re-usability for costs minimization and limited change management.
  • advanced communication and benchmarking platform for pharmacists
  • new webzine dedicated to Social Media in Healthcare (Health2Europe)
  • new CMS for Clinical Research companies (clin360)


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